Day in a Tank Experiences – 6 Ways to Make a Memorable Day

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Day in a Tank Experiences – 6 Ways to Make a Memorable Day


Typically the most enjoyable activities are those which are unique – things you don’t normally have a chance to do. In the UK, one of those unique activities allows you to spend a day in a tank. Normally tanks are something only the military gets to handle, but now you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself. It’s not just riding around in one either. There are a number of different options that you can choose to customize your experience. Let’s have a look a a few of the different experiences available.

Drive a Tank

This is the most basic experience allowing you to hop inside an actual tank and take it for a spin. You’ll get the full experience of driving one of these powerful machines over different types of terrain and feel how powerful these vehicles really are. This may be the no-frills experience but it is by no means unworthy. You’ll have a blast!

Car Crushing

Now, we’ve all seen movies and television shows where tanks are rolling through the streets and cars get crushed underneath the treads. It’s looks so cool and I’m sure at one point we’ve all had the thought, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to do that for real?” Well, now you can do just that. You can enjoy a day in a tank and add the bonus of getting to crush an actual car. So come on and set your reservation so that you can experience something most people only see in the movies.

Firing the Tank Guns

Typically, the only people who pull the trigger on the guns of a tank are military personnel in the midst of war or field testing, but now you too can have the exhilarating experience of pulling that trigger yourself. This experience includes driving the tank as well as taking a few shots with the guns. With this choice, you can give yourself a taste of the feeling of combat without any of the danger.

Chieftain Tank Driving

If you’re going to drive a tank, why not pick the biggest, baddest tank of them all and have the experience of a lifetime. This tank has been the primary battlefield vehicle for the UK since its introduction in the 1960’s and features a whopping 750 brake horsepower as well as a 120mm cannon. Taking this tank for a drive will truly be an experience to remember.

Tank Paintball

This experience is a combination of tank driving and shooting and gives you the most realistic combat experience of all the day in a tank packages. You actually get to drive your tank and shoot at others using paintball rounds. It’s a paintball shootout taken to a whole new level. This looks to truly be an amazing adventure and one that you’ll gladly reminisce about for a long time to come.

Mini Tank Driving

Finally, for those who may be a little timid about driving one of the big boys or for kids who have an adventurous spirit, you can opt for the mini tank experience. These small tank-like vehicles are only about half the weight of a typical small city runabout, and they feature the same controls as a tank. This will give you the experience of learning a tank’s unusual controls while still having a great time.

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