There are three venues in the UK where you can indulge in a bit warmongering with your friends.

Tank Driving Experiences in Leicestershire (Close to Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham)

If you really like the sound of handling the FV432 then after you have booked you will be heading into Leicestershire and taking a turn off the M1 towards Market Harborough.

The location is about a 30 minute drive from Leicester and is very easy to reach if your are travelling from areas such as Birmingham, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough or Milton Keynes.

If you are making a weekend of it then there are plenty of suitable hostelries nearby and some good old-fashioned pubs where you refuel after a hectic experience day.

Tank Driving Experiences in Hampshire

In a deeply wooded area close to Romsey in south east Hampshire, you will find the venue where you will be experiencing the thrill of navigating a Chieftain tank or an armoured personnel carrier around a specially designed course which has been set up to challenge you in an as many ways as possible and give you an unforgettable experience.

Tank Driving Experiences in Northamptonshire (Close to Oxford & Northampton)

Head towards Brackley in Northamptonshire and about 19 miles from Oxford and 22 miles from Northampton, you will find a stunning array of military vehicles all primed and ready for action.

You will usually find a selection of land-based and amphibious vehicles waiting for you that are almost guaranteed to lift the heart rate when you set eyes on them and get the opportunity to put your newly found skills to the test around some meticulously prepared Northamptonshire terrain.

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