UK Tank Driving Experience Days

A tank driving experience makes a great day out or a superb gift

Motoring experience days are always great fun, especially when you are racing around a track trying to claim the bragging rights amongst your mates, but a tank driving experience day is the big daddy of them all in more ways than one.

If you think you feel like you own the road when you get behind the wheel of customised racing car that is built for speed, just imagine how you feel when you get up close and personal with the controls of an armoured personnel carrier that could literally crush anything in its path, now that’s owning the road.

A tank driving experience will involve getting some much-needed training so that you are ready to competently manoeuvre your tank whilst in the heat of battle if you decide to take part in a tank battle paintballing experience, or simply want to feel you truly own a 17 ton hunk of hardened steel that offers just a periscope for guidance.

Tank-Driving-Experience-Day_bIf you fancy yourself as a tank commander then you might want to try your hand at navigating a 55 ton Chieftain tank which is an option with some of the experience days on offer in the UK, and if you are the ultimate thrill-seeker and want the chance to crush a car on your action-packed day then look out for packages that provide the opportunity to tick off what for some is a bucket-list option, of crushing a car that is in your way as you weave a path of destruction behind the controls of a fully-loaded super-heavyweight tank. Book your experience now

If you are a fan of paintballing and enjoy driving experiences then what’s not to like about a tank battle paintballing game? This is extreme-paintballing, and instead of going into battle armed with just a pair of safety goggles and a dodgy-looking jumpsuit, you have the extremely comforting reassurance of several tons of impenetrable metal to help you come out on the winning side.

The only downside to this action-packed ultimate game experience is that the opposition will also get the opportunity to make you feel more like the hunted than the hunter, especially when their tank cannon swings around and points firmly in your direction.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be behind the wheel of a real-life ex-military tank then this really is the experience day for you. Whether it is a birthday, stag do, hen party, corporate team building or you simply want to treat yourself, is the right choice.

Need help choosing the right experience? Our customer service really is second to none and you can speak to one of our friendly team today on 020 3322 4710.

Whichever tank driving experience day you choose, you will be guaranteed to have an unforgettable day playing around with the ultimate boys-toys and crushing an insignificant little family saloon car at the end of the day, well it doesn’t get much more fun than that.

How does it work once you’ve made a purchase?

  1. Buy it
  2. Get the voucher
  3. Choose the date
  4. Love your experience day

The process really is very straightforward and we’ve designed it so that you don’t have to choose the dates until after the purchase. This means you can keep any surprises for loved ones a surprise! So once you’ve purchased a tank driving experience day voucher through one of our partners you will receive a voucher by email OR you can get a physical voucher sent to your house (or the house of the person who the gift is for!). You (or that lucky person you’ve bought the experience for) then gets the chance to choose the date and location that they want. We have 3 different centres in the UK, conveniently located to ensure most people can reach us with only a short drive.

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